Welcome to Sophie’s Academy of Performing Arts!


Sophie’s Academy of Performing Arts emphasises the enjoyment of dance with a youthful, dynamic approach while delivering the highest level of dance instruction through the IDTA.  Classes take place at Cotgrave Leisure Centre and Cropwell Butler Village Hall.


Sophie’s Academy of Performing Arts believes that shows provide the best way not only to build self confidence and performance skills but also to develop friendship in a supportive, fun environment. We therefore strive to showcase on a regular basis as well as working towards grade examinations.


We provide training for students of all ages from 2.5 upwards, so whether you are an aspiring performer or dance is just your hobby, there is something for everyone.

Classes are offered in:


Ballet - Ballet provides a technique which is the foundation for all dance. Poise, grace and fluidity of movement are all results of ballet training. It can be as much for pleasure as for the more serious minded.


Tap - Tap is a gentle, rhythmical and enjoyable way to dance. Incorporating style, presence and musical awareness, tapping those toes proves infectious to all ages!


Freestyle dance – Freestyle/disco is the trendiest and most popular form of dance in the UK today. Enjoy the latest sounds of the charts and learn the newest moves on the dance floor!


Musical Theatre – Musical Theatre is all about performance. It is the fusion of dancing and singing, providing all the 'must have' qualities for the stage, putting the spotlight on you!


Acro-Gymnastics- Acro-Gymnastics is a Gymnastics class working on the Acrobatic side of the discipline. It's main focus is on floor skills, balance and flexibility, so if you want to cartwheel, walkover, aerial, handspring and much much more, our British Gymnastics qualified teacher is here to help!


Singing- Our singing lessons are taught on an individual basis with a top professional vocalist working in the industry today. We offer a more modern approach to singing and cover all aspects to get you pitch perfect, such as scales and the essential breathing skills.


As students; know that you are joining an Academy based on fun friendship and love of dance. You will be valued as an individual and can be confident of receiving professional training for exams while being given the opportunity to showcase your talents.


As a parent; know that your child is being trained by a qualified teacher with youth and a passion for dance. Your child’s skills will be nurtured and their confidence boosted. You will be able to see your child’s achievements through shows and presentations.


We have a compulsory uniform which is available from the Academy itself.


For all enquiries please email Sophie to info@sophiesacademy.co.uk

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